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Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

A State-of-the-Art electronic boardroom and conference centre was recently constructed in the new offices of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce (WCC). Located in the historic Paris Building in downtown Winnipeg, Advance-Pro was chosen to provide all of the Audio and Video requirements to create an easy to use multi format room.

This fully functional boardroom facility features a 3500 Lumen Sony LCD Multimedia Projector that descends from the ceiling using a Display Devices retractable projector lift. The projector’s crystal clear image shares the 100” Tensioned Electric ceiling screen from Da-lite with a Sony Document camera for easy multi format presentations.

The WCC commissioned a custom-made boardroom table to be constructed for this new room. Advance-Pro outfitted this new table with tabletop Pop-up Interconnect boxes from Altinex allowing all users to connect their laptop computers into the WCC network.

Another requirement for this multi-use meeting room was the ability to have crystal clear teleconferencing. Advance-pro handled this by installing a Polycom SoundstationEX Teleconference interface allowing clear, hands free transmission.

The entire boardroom operation – lights, blinds, screen, audio and video is handled by a Crestron touch panel, configured and programmed by Advance-Pro, to increase the ease of operation for anyone using this state of the art multi-use Boardroom and conference centre.